Sunday, March 27, 2022

HQCB Color Challenge #2 Trio of pink and white and gold with heart and or love bookmark

Search no more! Heart's Quest Color Challenge #2 is ready to inspire!

Hello! It's been just 1 month since our debut launch on February 28, 2022! And what gets my heart even more excited is that it's time for a 2nd color challenge. This time it will be a trio--pink AND white AND gold--in whatever proportions you want but all 3 must be present. Also at least 1 heart shape OR the word heart OR the word love must be present. You can do more than 1 but there has to be at least 1; after all this is called Heart's Quest. [I'm on a quest for love! :)] The format this time is bookmark. It can be any width you want but at least 5" long. I don't want it looking like a tag which was the format for the last color challenge. 

Inspiration project: You've Gotta Have Heart Bookmark= The pink is 2.5" wide and 8.5" long so the white (recycled packaging) is 3" wide and 9" long. The patterned papers on the gold are actually planner tabs (Webster Pages). The top sentiment stamp was purchased from Sum More Fun. The bottom was stenciled with part of a planner stencil kit (Pen + Gear). Metallic gold ink pad used on cardstock edges, stamping, and stenciling. Embellishments from my stash.


The gold cardstock layer has foam tape to lift it up.

Full view: 

Inspiration project #2: I Love You More Bookmark= pale pink with gold alphas (Freckled Fawn); the base cardstock pattern of gold and varying tones of pink dots (29th Market); everything else is old stash items. Dimensions of base cardstock are 4" wide x 7" tall. 

The recipe for Color #2 has 3 criteria to include:
1. color trio of white + pink + gold
2. at least 1 of these: a heart shape, the word 'heart', or the word 'love/luv'
3. format of a bookmark at least 5" long (width is your choice)

To participate, please use the Inlinkz address listed below. Color #2 Challenge competition will open at 12:30 am CST March 28, 2022 and will end at 12:30 am CST April 13, 2022.
Thank you for locating Heart's Quest and please tell your crafting blogger friends about us!

Inlinkz for participating=

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With a grateful heart for those who are viewing this posting, becoming HQCB followers, and spreading the word about this new type of paper-crafting challenge experience!

--Becca S

Friday, March 18, 2022

HQCB Reminder Post for Love and What? Challenge ending 27 March 2022

 Heart's Quest Challenge Blog Reminder

Love + What? challenge = 2 required criteria for your projects:

*what? = is a bunny/rabbit

*the word love can be a language equivalent or a form of the word like loving, loves, loved

*you get to figure out everything else for your paper-crafted creation

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Challenge started 14 March 2022 and ends on 27 March 2022

( the link back to the original posting is down below)

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Here's some more bunny love inspiration for you made by yours truly:

Aren't these springtime refreshing?!! Each one is slightly different. They all started with a silhouette bunny free clipart found online. Three were printed on white and fussy cut. Then I only printed one on yellow and did a a not quite 4" square. The Easter bonnets (aren't these super cute and creative!) vary. The little Easter wood laser cut chicks had 2 colored the same (yellow marker on the wood with gold glitter paint pen applied on top). The second chick/card has yellow-orange marker on the wood with red and gold glitter paint pens on top. The bottom chick has pink marker first then silver then gold then another layer of silver glitter paint pen on top. The solid color cardstocks are from several different vendors and the 3 patterned papers are from the same paper pad bought several years ago. The sentiment was done as a Google Doc using the Dancing Script font. 


The 2 original inspiration projects for this challenge used the freebie digital image that I made. It's like a grade school art class challenge to see how many heart shapes can be hidden within the image! :) Feel free to use it on your entry or use any other rabbit image you might have or can access. Remember there are only about 6 days left to participate. On the 28th, I will be alternating back to a color-based challenge. 


Use this link to go back to the original challenge posting. The Inlinkz address is towards the bottom of the post.

Don't forget to become a HQCB follower! Participate! Share this with your crafting friends. Top 3 Love and What? Pursuit Achievers badge is available for bragging rights but you've got to participate. 

With heartfelt thanks, Becca S

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Sunday, March 13, 2022

HQCB 14 March 2022 Love and What Challenge #1 is Bunny Love featuring image freebie

Love + Bunny

March 14-March 27, 2022 

Maybe my word of the year should be love. Are you on a quest to find "hoppiness"? Is hoppiness love? Trying not to get philosophical here. Have some fun with this. Heartfelt greetings to Heart's Quest Challenge Blog for our first Love and What? challenge. The what is Bunny. Love + bunny. Show the word "love" and a bunny to be considered for Top 3 bragging rights. You get to choose the colors, sentiment/occasion, and paper-crafting format type. It must be paper-crafted (card, tag, treat bag, bookmark, junk journal entry, TN entry, etc.) 

Join me on this quest:

Love and What? (bunny) challenge:

*must have the word 'love' (other languages accepted...i.e. amore, 

*must have a bunny/rabbit

*your choices for colors, occasion/sentiment, and paper-crafting format

The image I'm using for inspiration card #1 is a freebie for HQCB followers (and hopefully a participant). Feel free to use it on your participation project or not. Flat card base is the chocolate brown and is 6" square. The pink striped background paper, the cream with pink spots, the pink floral, and pink and white stripes are all from The Paper Studio. The 2nd paper on the right panel is a Jen Wilson's 29th Street Market cardstock from a few years back. Gold cardstock and embellishments are from stash.

Aren't the amber heart crystal gems fab?

lots and lots of hearts for this bunny!

Hoppiness is Love image freebie

Inspiration Card #2= My Mind's Eye Bohemia cardstock is used for the 6.5" square base and the 2 hearts. I've been hoarding this for over 2 years now! The muted blue/green/gray with cream floral cardstock is a 6" square and has been in my stash for probably 10-12 years...another hoard in my stash. A Pen + Gear planner stencil sheet provided the word celebrate that was made with 3 different powders. A white stamp pad was used to edge the cardstocks. Crystal gems are the only embellishments. And the image is the freebie at reduced size. It's unnatural to see lavender hued rabbits in nature but I wanted the bunnies' colors to coordinate more with the Bohemia cardstock. :) 

Challenge runs from 12:30 AM/CST time on Monday, March 14, 2022 until ending on Sunday, March 27, 2022 at 12:30 AM/CST. Make sure to read the rules in the sidebar and make sure to become a HQCB follower, please. There's also a H.Q.C.B. Fans group in Facebook to join.

Use the following Inlinkz address below to participate. At the end of the competition the Top 3 will be selected for bragging rights. A separate announcement post will be made for this. 

And don't forget to mention HQCB and the Love & What? Challenge #1 in your own blog posting.

link to participate=


What calls to your heart and soul when you think of Bunny Love? Search through your stashes and come back to show me your interpretation!

<3 Becca


Color Challenge #1 Top 3 Pursuit Achievers Announcement

 HQCB Color Challenge Top 3 Pursuit Achievers Bragging Rights=

With heartfelt gratitude to Karen Letchworth for being my first and only participant in my very first color-based challenge for my new challenge blog Heart's Quest. 

I didn't create any other option for the bragging rights other than top 3 but please copy and paste it to your blog (located at the bottom right corner), Karen L. If you have a problem with the image, let me know. Thanks so much for your support, Karen L!

With a grateful heart,

Becca S, owner HQCB

HQCB #31 Father's Day or Masculine occasion with heart/love included starting 28 May 2023

  Heartwarming Greetings to Heart's Quest Challenge Blog! Theme #31 required elements are: *Father's Day/masculine element(s)/image...