Friday, January 27, 2023

HQCB Theme #23 is about hearts/love AND Romantic Valentine's Day starts 28 January 2023

Greetings with a Heartfelt Welcome to Heart's Quest Challenge Blog!

**HQCB Theme #23 requires the word 'heart' or 'love' or heart shape AND 

you also must include at least 1 image related to Romantic Valentine's Day.

 examples *hugs, *Cupid, *kisses, *lips, *entwined hands, *couple gazing at each other**


Competition starts January 28, 2023 at 12:30 am CT/Chicago or 6:30am UK and ends at the same times on February 13th just in time for Valentine's Day. 

Each participant may enter up to 3 new themed projects. Acceptable formats vary from scrapbook layouts and TN spreads (including calendars, journals and planners) to bookmarks and tags as well as ATCs and cards!

Other Theme #23 suggestions are an art museum or sculpture park that has a set of lips, the iconic photo of Marilyn Monroe blowing a've got creative ideas how to craft this!


Design Inspiration:

from DT Diane A= 

[Theme #23 requirements: heart on the die-cut and "I love you" sentiment AND pink and white flowers combined with the gorgeous die-cuts hint of romance]

 Diane says the white layer above the pale pink base is flocked vellum!!! Isn't that dreamy?!!!!


DT member Willa Jean=

[Theme #23 requirements: multiple hearts and 'love' art installment AND combination of journaling, tag cluster, heart shape border and lots of red hints of happy life/couple...they love 'love'!]

Willa Jean and her husband had several trips in 2022 and she agreed that she was seeing 'love' with her love! Sweet!


from HQCB owner Becca S=

[Theme #23 requirements: 7 heart shapes and "I love you" sentiment AND colors, gold foil lips, XOXO for hugs and kisses hint of romance]

This was a great stash raid of treasures to layer and cluster together! My hubby is not a gushy romantic guy...a bit expressions of love are difficult for him such as cards, flowers, chocolate. His love language is food. Any time he buys me candy or soda or a donut without asking him too, it's a reminder to me that he thought of me while he was at the store or at the gas station! :) 

He will probably roll his eyes at this overly romantic display card but he realizes it's my love language to do these creative acts of expression, communicating through my paper-crafting!

<3  **  <3  **  <3

Terrific project variety for romantic Valentines! These entries can be cards, ATCs, tags, bookmarks, small spreads like for planners, journals, & TNs, or larger scrapbook formats like pocket, 12" square, etc. 


Participants please use the Inlinkz tool address to submit your entry/entries to be considered for bragging rights.



With a happy creative heart,

HQCB owner Becca S


HQCB Theme #22 heart/love PLUS Valentine's for Parent OR Child Best 3 Arrows Announcement

 Heartfelt Greetings from Heart's Quest Challenge Blog!

Best 3 Arrows (Top 3 Picks) for Theme #22 are:

Mary S, Melanie H, and "Just me: cm"

Congrats to these talented artisans! 

There were 12 entries! Thank you so much to each participant! I appreciate that entry numbers are increasing and making decision-making difficult with so many fabulous projects! 

1 Child's Valentine's and 2 Parents' Valentine's were picked for the Best 3 Arrows:

in order by entry #:

#1 = Melanie H (for kids Valentine)

#2 = "Just me: cm" (for parents Valentine)

#6 = Mary S (for mom's honor Valentine bookmark)


<3  **  <3  **  <3

With happy hearts to be crafting and sharing in blogland,

HQCB design team and the owner Becca

Thursday, January 19, 2023

HQCB Theme #22 REMINDER post which ends 27 January 2023

 Heartfelt Greetings! Unbelievably the midway point of competition for Theme #22 at Heart's Quest has arrived! It must be January 20th. 

Theme #22 requires 2 parts:

*at least 1 use of heart/love (heart shape, the word -love- or -heart-)


*Valentine's occasion for a parent/grandparent or child

Theme #22 competition started January 14th and will end on January 27th at 12:30am CST/Chicago.


For additional design inspiration, I made 2 kid's Valentines:

*Card 1 is for my great nephew, who is 2 1/3 years old

[Theme #22 requirements: 8 heart shapes; silly dog stickers for kid appeal]

Styling-wise, I went old school days kind of Valentine's cards. Red doily is topped by a red foam die-cut heart and then a purple one is off-set lower. The purple is topped with 3 different foam heart stickers. An additional 2 hearts are in the lower corners. Some watercolor-looking purple paper was cut to be the background panel under the stack of hearts. Light blue 6" square cardstock was trimmed down to 5" square.

*Card 2 is for my great niece, who is 1 month old! 

{Theme #22 requirements: also 8 heart shapes; silly cat/kitten stickers for kid appeal...color-wise, this will fit her nursery room.]

HQCB Theme #22 main launch post link=


<3  **  <3  **  <3

With happy hearts for treasure questing through craft supplies!

HQCB owner Becca S

*I'm also owner of FQCB and TFATU.

I'm co-owner and DT for AACB.

I'm manager and DT for MTTC and MTTCC.


Friday, January 13, 2023

HQCB Theme #22 use heart/love AND Valentine's for Parent or Child starting 14 January 2023

 Heartfelt Greetings to Heart's Quest Theme #22!

Theme #22 requires:

*use of heart/love (at least 1 heart shape, the word 'heart' or 'love')


*occasion of Valentine's Day for Parent or Child (at least 1 image or sentiment making a reference)

Acceptable formats are: cards, ATCs, tags, bookmarks, small spreads for planners/journals/TNs, and/or larger layouts for scrapbooks. Each participant may enter up to 3 new themed projects. 

Competition start and end times are 12:30am CST/Chicago or 6:30am UK for January 14th and January 27, 2023.


Design Team Inspiration

Welcome new DT member Diane A!!!


About me:: I am retired and have been married for 47 years.   I started card making about thirteen years ago.   My passion is coloring animals for cards so expect to see lots of them!  I work mainly in Copics, pencils and pastels.  I am going to try to learn water coloring.  I also enjoy quilting, counted cross stitch, and cooking.

[Theme #22 requirements= 3 red hearts; sentiment expresses for 'mom' + cute pigs with hearts = love/Valentines]

What a cute little grassy scene for this mom's Valentine's card!!! I didn't ask Diane if the recipient has 3 children but that would be sweet if it was uniquely personalized. 

The coloring of the pigs and clouds are perfect! Diane's created a charming parent's Valentine's card!

DT member Willa Jean=

[Theme #22 requirements= 8 full heart shapes; colors, envelopes, puppy holding an envelope are elements that make me think Valentine's Day]

Isn't this a darling Valentine's card for a school-age child?!!! That notebook paper lined cardstock plus the patterned paper full of envelopes and hearts reminds me so much of the little love notes I carried back and forth across the school playground for my classmates!!! Do you like me? yes or no

The colors are cheerful and that little dog is a charmer on Willa Jean's child's Valentine's card!

DT and owner Becca S=

Parent (my mom's Valentine's was made for another blog, so this love bird is going to my last blood related Great Aunt, my maternal grandmother's last living sibling, who is 91+)

[Theme #22 requirements = 3 hearts, phrase 'true love'; colors, hearts, & flowers allude to Valentine's; my great aunt loves having indoor plants and has some bird feeders near her front door and also next to her bedroom window.]


Child (honorary granddaughter's 1st Valentine's; she's 9 1/2 months old!)

[Theme #22 requirements = 1 heart, letter charms spell 'love'; colors, heart, and flowers allude to Valentine's & 'your 1st' indicating a baby, also the large gold pin looks like the diaper pins used years ago for cloth diapers (for a very young child)]


Thanks gals for amazing creative talents shared here for Heart's Quest!


Now, readers! It's your turn to start your stash quest and find Theme #22 elements!

Use the Inlinkz tool address to submit your entries;



<3  **  <3  **  <3

With happy hearts crafting all year long,

Heart's Quest Challenge Blog's design team and owner

(Diane, Willa Jean, and Becca)

HQCB Theme #21 heart/love PLUS New Year's Day or Birthday Best 3 Arrows

 Heartfelt Greetings from Heart's Quest Theme #21's Best 3 Arrows!

Congratulations to Brandi, Deanne, and Cheryl!!!

 new bragging rights badge =

Congrats to these 3 entries in random order=

#1 Cheryl E's birthday double page layout has 3 clusters with hearts:

#5 Brandi's birthday double page layout has subtitle "you are so loved":


#3 Deanne's husband's birthday card with an aqua gemstone heart:


<3  **  <3  **  <3

With an excited heart to share this great news,

HQCB owner Becca S


Join me, Willa Jean, and Diane for the next Heart's Quest theme, #22, in less than 6 hours from now.

(12:30am CST/Chicago or 6:30am UK times on Saturday Jan 14th)

Thursday, January 5, 2023

HQCB Reminder Post for Theme #21 use heart/love AND New Years Day or Birthday Occasion

 Heartfelt Greetings to the Midway Reminder Post for Theme #21 at Heart's Quest!

Theme #21 requires:

a. use of heart/love ('heart' shape or word; or word 'love')


b. your choice of either New Year's Day or Birthday occasion

*If you happen to know someone born on January 1st and you want to combine the occasions into 1 project entry that is fine. 

*You may also use both heart shapes with the word 'heart' and/or 'love'; use both words in a phrase, quote, song lyric, etc.

Competition started December 28, 2022 and will end at 12:30am CT/Chicago on January 13, 2023.

*For Design Team inspiration, I've created 2 bookmarks 

HNY = Happy New Year small bookmark

['love' stamp + HNY/Happy New Year alpha tile stickers for theme #21 requirements]  

The gold, amber, and kraft tones contrast with the red, red-purple, and raspberry pink for an interesting combination.

Spider mum stamp is from Hero Arts and love stamp is from Crafter's Choice. Applying gold metallic stamp pad ink to all the paper edges was the most time consuming part of creating this. :)


HB2U = Happy Birthday 2/to U/you bookmark

[3 red glitter heart stickers + HB2U stickers; also celebrating forest friends

Orange, lime green, black, and brownish-gray cording repeat the main colors of the recycled wrapping paper (Brother <3 Sister Design/Hobby Lobby) that are adhered to recycled kraft cardstock packaging (liner/tray for fun size candy bars!!!).

If you need more inspiration, use this link to go back to the December 28 main launch post for Theme #21. The Inlinkz tool address for submitting your project(s) can also be found there.



<3  **  <3  **  <3

With a happy heart, 

on behalf of the HQCB DT, 

owner Becca S

HQCB #54 Make Your Own Combo Theme starts 14 May 2024

Heartfelt Greetings to HQCB  #54 Make Your Combo  Theme Main Post Heart's Quest Challenge Blog #54 theme badge is shown below: Theme #54...