Saturday, August 27, 2022

HQCB Color Heart #7 Photo Challenge 5 or more colored candy hearts banner projects

 Heartfelt Greetings! Trying another photo inspired theme challenge with 5 or more colored candy hearts banner projects for Color Heart #7 at Heart's Quest.

Competition is August 28-September 13, 2022 with start and end times on those 2 dates at 12:30am CT/Chicago or 6:30am UK for your time references. 

I thought this had wonderful possibilities whether choosing a card, bookmark, TN planner, or scrapbook layout. There are other formats that are acceptable as well. 

Credits for this photo: Club Crafted posted the banner photo/project and Alesandra Dubin wrote an online article 17 December 2020 for Good Housekeeping website including it as a Valentine craft.

I don't think this has to wait to Valentine's Day. Could be a child's birthday card or lunch note tucked into their lunchbox or bookbag! Special thinking of you spouse. Accent for a TN or scrapbook layout with someone wearing the same colors. ETC. 

Let's have some inspiration from the Design Team:

 Lori S=

Doesn't DT member Lori S design amazing Travelers Notebook layouts?!!?!!!!

I always have so much to marvel over. Lots of delightful details. 

For Color Heart #7, it's such a brilliant idea to repeat her selected candy heart colors again in the photo mats, extra heart embellishments, and in her giant title!!!

So clever!

Dottie S = taking a 3 week break. 


Now it's your turn to quest your stash items, digital files, and art supplies! How will you interpret this photo-inspired theme challenge?

Use the Inlinkz tool address to submit your entries. Each participant can link 3 new themed projects per challenge. Acceptable formats are: ATCs, cards, tags, bookmarks, TN/journal/planner spreads, and scrapbook layouts. 



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With a happy heart that quests for creativity,

Becca S, owner

P.S. DT CALL= I would like to add at least 1 or 2 more craft artisans to have a small DT crew for Heart's Quest Challenge Blog. 

If you are interested, send me an email stating your craft and blogging history along with your craft blog address to:

HQCB Top 1 Love Theme Pursuit Achiever Badge for Love Theme #6 with Cupid or Angel

 With heartfelt gratitude for 1 entry

for Heart Quest's Love Theme #6 with Cupid or Angel

The very talented Granmargaret submitted the only entry!
She created an amazing interpretation for this theme!
I wish I would have thought of her idea. Seriously. It is brilliant.

She is sending lots of love!

Congrats, Granmargaret, for this recognition as a Love Theme Challenge Top 3 Pursuit Achiever.

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I hope you will take a heart color quest into your stash boxes and/or digital files to create for the next Heart's Quest Challenge, a Color Heart theme, that will be released in a short time. (or or after 12:30am August 28th, 2022....I might be a few minutes late this time but I promise that it will have a terrific photo prompt to challenge your creativity!!!)

With a happy heart questing for creativity, 
Becca S, owner of HQCB

P.S. DT CALL for at least 1 more craft artisan to create a project for the main postings of each new challenge that are revealed on the 14th and 28th of each month. 

If interested, send an email sharing your craft and blogging experience and crafting blog address to:

Saturday, August 20, 2022

HQCB Reminder post Love Theme #6 with Cupid or an angel competition ends August 27

 Heartfelt Greetings! Are you happy or nervous?

I've a mix of emotions to announce that #6 is at its midway point of competition! 

Have you participated yet? Actually no one has yet, so bragging rights are still up for grabs at Heart's Quest. 

Deadline is August 27, 2022 at 12:30am CT/Chicago or its 6:30am UK.

Acceptable formats are scrapbook layouts, TN/journal/planner spreads, bookmarks, tags, ATCs, and cards.

Heart's Quest Challenge Blog's

LOVE theme #6 required duo elements are:

*use the word 'love' or a form/language equivalent


*use at least 1 image of Cupid or an angel


for design inspiration

#1 from HQCB owner, Becca S

I've used the same Cupid stamp as seen below and also on a bonus/extra post. (Sum More Fun purchase) The "gotcha" stamp is also part of a Sum More Fun set. Red, taupe, and the chevron/arrow point print scraps are from my stash. Black cardstock base dimensions are 4.25" x 5.5". The black 'diamond' decorative tape and 3 clear crystal gems along with either red or black inking to the cardstock edges are the finishing touches. 

Oh! And I hand lettered the "my love" phrase under "gotcha" to get that theme element requirement onto the card. 


#2 from HQCB owner, Becca S

an early birthday card for my hubby

I seriously raided the scraps to put this together. Hand-lettering for 'to', 'my', and 'love'. "HB" is an old 2001 Stampin' Up wood stamp. 

Now it's your turn to hurry your quest for all things Cupid or Angel! It will be fun to see how Cupid can be used all year long. I thought of an idea to see Cupid, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus all together...wouldn't that be fun?!!!?! You can also create angel-themed cards. Those could be for religious sympathy, or Christmas, or church choir/music, and lots of other occasions/topics. 

You can also have more than 1. 

The DT duo of Lori S and Dottie S used angels for their projects seen on the main theme posting from August 14. Make sure to use the link provided below to take you back in order to see their work and use the Inlinkz tool address to link-up your project(s)!!!!

The deadline is about 6 days away so make sure to get your projects created and blogged  soon!

This is the link to take you back to the original posting back on August 14th=



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Crafting with a happy heart,

Becca S, owner HQCB

Saturday, August 13, 2022

HQCB Love Theme #6 with cupid or angel starts 14 August 2022

  Heart's Quest sends heartfelt greetings to its readers!

Welcome! Love Theme Challenge #6 has 2 required elements:

*use the word 'love' (love can be beloved, loving, loves, amore, agape, charity, etc.)


*use an image of cupid or angel (or can be more than 1)

Theme #6 competition runs August 14-27, 2022 with start and end times on each of those dates at 12:30am CT/Chicago (or 6:30am UK). 

There are many acceptable formats: cards, ATCs, bookmarks, tags, TN/planner/journal spreads, scrapbook layouts. And the occasions can be whatever--Christmas, Valentines, anniversary, birthday, etc. We are looking forward to your creative interpretations for this theme. 


Design Team Inspiration projects are from Lori S and Dottie S:

Lori S

Lori's permalink for her post about this Christmas angel layout=


Dottie S

Dottie's blog address=


Now it's your turn readers to go on quests for cupid, angels, love quotes/stamps/die-cuts. Quests of the heart are the best kinds. Bragging rights of Top 3 are possible. 

Use the Inlinkz tool address for participation. 



P.S. If you're interested in being part of the Heart's Quest Design Team, please email me about your interest and blog address, so I can review your recent projects.

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With a happy heart,

Becca S, owner HQCB

HQCB Top 2 Picks for Color Heart #6 Announcement

 Heart's Quest Top 2 Picks for Color Heart Theme #6

Topic required elements were:

* use the photo prompt (2 or more colors of heart shapes in a grid)

Again, we only had 2 participants. These 2 craft artisans extraordinaire have been very supportive from the very start with Heart's Quest. Please spread the word about how HQCB does different themes to express love through using the word 'love' or with heart shapes.

Can't we all use some love?!!! Keep sending out happy mail to all your friends and family! 

These 2 talented ladies are Deanne Clarke-Saunders and Margaret Ashby!!!

Entry #1 by Deanne: "Dreams"

Deanne's done an excellent with the gold metallic outlined hearts that have a watercolor wash for that soft dreamy look. The deep gold seam binding wrap and bow makes a perfect accent. Well done!


Entry #2 by "Granmargaret": "Sending All My Love"

Granmargaret has crafted a cheery card . I like the hearts placed inside the circles that emphasizes and repeats the curved lines found in the sentiment, flowers, and leaves. Such a joyful card!

Both cards are wonderful interpretations of the photo prompt shared in the challenge! 

Thanks so very much for supporting Heart's Quest Challenge Blog!

--owner Becca S

P. S.  The new theme challenge published on the 14th will switch to a "love theme" focus and the amazing Design Team Duo of Dottie Seubert and Lori Stroup will have inspiration projects for you to admire.  Make sure to look for that post after 12:30am CT/Chicago zone.  


Friday, August 5, 2022

HQCB REMINDER Color Heart #6 Photo Inspired Multicolor Hearts in Grid Format

 Wow! Welcome to Heart's Quest REMINDER midway post for Color Heart Theme #6!!

Competition started July 28 and ends August 13, 2022. 

GD Lori Barrett-Stroup and I shared inspiration projects on the main post and we're returning for this reminder posting. Take a look. 

Sweet. Cute. Giving lots of love vibes!

Check out Lori's personal blog posting about products and techniques used.

Excellent craftsmanship, Lori! 

The theme is based on this photo (credit details on the main post):

I would like to see 2 or more colors/prints of hearts in a grid format of some kind. The heart colors don't have to be reds or pinks unless that's what you want to use. 

and a different approach=

HQCB owner Becca's project #1 with reddish-pink tonal hearts and dark brown hearts set up in rows and columns on this card=

About 2.5 hours to make this card and I think it was well worth it! I lined up two very old alphabet stencils side by side for the 8.5" wide gray cardstock. I traced each letter/number and then selected 10 colored pencils to rotate on the left side first and then continued to the top of the right section but in a reverse order. The tonal burgundy print hearts are from an old scrap paper and the brown hearts are from a textural specialty paper. Add on the base, the glitter tape, and the hexagon "love" by Remarks/American Crafts.


Now that you know some details and seen some inspiration, use this link to take you back to the main post from July 28th. That post will have the Inlinkz address to submit your blog post's photo or Instagram link. How will you interpret this photo prompt challenge?

LINK to Color Heart #6 main posting=

Deadline for Color Heart #6 is 12:30am on August 13, 2022. (CT/Chicago time zone).


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With a happy heart,

Becca S, owner

HQCB #31 Father's Day or Masculine occasion with heart/love included starting 28 May 2023

  Heartwarming Greetings to Heart's Quest Challenge Blog! Theme #31 required elements are: *Father's Day/masculine element(s)/image...