Tuesday, September 27, 2022

HQCB Color Heart #8 use brown heart and yellow heart theme challenge starts 28 Sept 2022

 Hello! Heartfelt Greetings! 

Heart's Quest's Color Heart #8 requires 2 colors of hearts:

*at least 1 brown heart (any tone or shade; kraft, chocolate, sand/tan,...)


*at least 1 yellow (or gold) heart

There are many acceptable formats that you can read in the side bar rules. 

You may include more than 1 brown heart and of yellow, but the minimum is 1 of each color heart shape. Picking the format, size, sentiment, occasion, etc. is all left up to each craft artisan. And that's what we'd like to see. What's your artistic spin for these 2 heart shape colors?

Design Team Duo are both having short breaks.

for HQCB , I have an amazing inspiration card to share=

Wherever you are in the world...hello! card

*Various tones of yellow, gold, and brown are used throughout the card

*yellow/amber heart-shaped gems

*gold metallic foil die-cut heart with a layered black text heart

*a foam heart that started as white and has 3 different browns (2 markers and 1 stamp ink)

I've got the minimum # of brown heart and then extra of yellow/gold hearts to meet the theme requirements. 


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Competition starts September 28, 2022 at 12:30am CT/Chicago (or 6:30am UK).


Use the Inlinkz tool address to submit your entries before the deadline of 12:30am October 13, 2022. (CT/Chicago time zone) Each participant may enter 3 new themed projects per challenge. 




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With a happy heart on behalf of the DT duo and myself/Becca S, owner!

HQCB Love Theme #7 has a Top 1 Pick

 With a grateful heart for 1 entry in Heart's Quest Challenge Blog's Love Theme #7!!

Love Theme #7 required the use of 'love' and a flower(s) and the competition was September 14-27, 2022 at 12:30am CT/Chicago. 

Granmargaret: please enjoy displaying this Top 3 Pursuit Achievers badge from HQCB! 

This is an adorable theme interpretation digital card:

The bear image is bear-y good and the butterfly charm does make the hearts, flowers, and sentiment delightful!

Thank you, Granmargaret!


Color Heart #8 challenge will be released in less than 6 hours. Stay tuned!

Becca S, owner of Heart's Quest Challenge Blog

Monday, September 19, 2022

HQCB REMINDER for Love Theme #7 using Love and Flower(s)

 Heartfelt Greetings from Heart's Quest Challenge Blog!

Love Theme #7 has reached its midway point in this competition period. 

The theme requirements are to use:

*use the word 'love' (a verb/noun form or another language equivalent like agape, amour, lovely, loved; can be used alone or in a phrase or sentence)


*at least 1 flower image


For design inspiration:

from FQCB owner Becca S= I've created this bedazzled card for a cousin's son who I was told this weekend has only 2-4 weeks left to live. He's been fighting several cancers for under 2 years. He turns 46 on Tuesday Sept 20th. I'm going to get it mailed to him hopefully on the 19th or 20th with prayers that it reaches him and his wife before he passes. It's bright colors and flowers and butterfly are feminine but the Scripture verse is what drew me to pick for the feature:

*Freckled Fawn= alpha tile stickers (a light mint green)

*Studio G = for butterfly aperture mauve card base

*Crown Jewlz' = Prayer Cards set; 1 of 20; I'm using about 80% of the card.

A 1" wide strip from the left side off-cut was used on the inside with more alpha tiles to vertically say "Praying"

The gem bling, layered butterfly stick-on, and striped print paper behind the butterfly aperture are old stash items. 


I've used the expression "with love" for 1/2 of the theme requirements and the prayer card has a floral border to meet the other 1/2 theme requirements. 


Use this link to take you back to Heart's Quest Challenge Blog's main posting from September 14th to access the Inlinkz tool address for submitting your 1-3 new themed projects:



With a happy yet mourning heart, 

Becca S, owner of HQCB

(*recently on the same side of the family, a 2nd cousin's 50 year old son died from cancer; please keep my extended family members in your thoughts and prayers)

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

HQCB Love Theme #7 with Flowers

 Heartfelt Greetings to Heart's Quest Challenge Blog's Love Theme #7!

The theme requirements for #7 are:

*use the word 'love' (any form variation or language equivalent)


*at least 1 flower image

Acceptable project formats are: scrapbook layouts, TN/planners/journals spreads, bookmarks, tags, ATCs, and cards. 

Love (loved, loves, loving, lovely can be used alone or in a phrase or sentence; also agape, charity, amore, etc. are usable)

Competition starts September 14, 2022 at 12:30 am Central Time/Chicago and ends on September 27, 2022 at 12:30am CT. 


Design Inspiration this post starts with DT member Lori S.

Lori's has many TNs for different aspects of her granddaughter's life and this one is about her school pictures. Lori's chosen floral print cardstock mimics the shirt her granddaughter is wearing! Definitely, a lovely Travelers Notebook spread! 

Find more details at her blog:



Lori met the Love Theme #7 requirements with using the sentiment 'so lovely' and the flower images via the floral cardstock and some flower stickers!!! Awesome!


DT member Dottie S is taking a short break. 


HQCB owner Becca S shares this card:

The center focal 'doily' was traced from a stencil and hole-punched; then another 2 stencils were stamped/painted on top. The little triangle points were outlined. "LOVE" was another stamp. Bright pink posy stickers added. Some die-cuts and paper flower stick-ons along with a banner quote complete this dramatic pink, red, and black floral love theme card!

Love Theme #7 requirements were met with the usage of the LOVE stamp, the banner quote "All You Need Is LOVE", floral stamp/stencil, posy stickers, die-cut pink and red rose, and 3 paper flowers!!! Wow! A lot packed into this bold card. 


To participate: use this Inlinkz tool address to submit your entry/entries. Each participant may enter up to 3 new themed projects. Deadline is 12:30am CT September 27, 2022. 

Thanks for being here!


***having an issue with Inlinkz address, so I'll publish the post and edit the link as soon as I can. I have to leave to teach at 7am so hopefully you all won't have to wait too many hours. My apologies. ****** fixed at 1:00 am Sept 14th Central Time*************



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With a happy heart to share our projects, 

Becca S, owner of HQCB and DT member Lori S.

Monday, September 5, 2022

HQCB REMINDER Color Heart #7 Photo Prompt Challenge

 Heartfelt Greetings to Heart's Quest Challenge Blog!

The midway point reminder post time has come for the photo prompt basis for Color Heart Theme #7. The photo prompt will be shown later.

Based on the photo, I'm looking for 

*5 or more colors 

*candy heart style heart shapes (with a letter, word, or short phrase)

*strung as a banner/string/garland


Additional design inspiration can be found on the August 28th post and on my personal blog:

On the main post, DT member Lori created a darling TN layout featuring her granddaughter. She used her cheerful colored hearts across the top, but also added more hearts on each page of her layout and also in the title and the photo mats! Doing all that color coordination sure makes for a dynamic layout.

Just yesterday I published an extra inspiration project using the prompt for a wedding card.



This card was my 2nd concept idea to make after selecting the photo for this #7 challenge theme.

Pure in Heart card 

The main portion of the card is a Scripture card for a pack discovered in a discount store! I was really surprised and quickly fell in love with the bright floral frame surrounding each Scripture verse. The hearts were made with a beige-fleshy pink textural specialty paper, stamped with 'candy hearts' (SUM MORE FUN), and then hurriedly colored with colored pencils in 5 bright colors that also repeat hues from the Scripture card. Some pinkish red glitter tape was added as a bottom border. Bright pink cardstock 6" square base has a top borderline as a faux string for the hearts to be 'anchored' to. 

LINK for the August 28th main post that will have the participation Inlinkz tool address to submit your entries=


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With a hopeful heart that I'll see your work linked at the August 28th posting!, 

Becca S, owner of HQCB

photo prompt for Color Heart #7 theme challenge=

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