Tuesday, December 27, 2022

HQCB Theme #21 with heart/love AND New Year's or Birthday starts 28 December 2022

 Heartfelt Greetings from Heart's Quest Challenge Blog!

 Theme #21 requires=

 "heart shape or 'heart' word or 'love' as word" AND New Year's Day or Birthday 

Competition starts at 12:30am Central/Standard time on December 28, 2022 and ends at 12:30am on January 13, 2023.


Design Team Inspiration

1. DT member Willa Jean=

[love word, 3 red hearts + birthday]

Willa Jean's created a very pretty and feminine birthday card! I love her contrast in lots of curved lines (cursive font, flowers, and hearts) versus straight lines (papers and card shape). This is so sweet and delicate!

2. DT member Lori S= Thanks for getting HQCB started with your marvelous layouts and cards! I'm so thankful for the many months you devoted to Heart's Quest. Best wishes for focusing 2023 on personal/family scrapbooks and TN layouts!

3. NEW DT member Diane A will join us on January 14, 2023 

4. HQCB owner Becca S=

[2 light blue and silver mirror foil hearts + birthday]

I've had the heart stickers on a sticker sheet for a long time. It's overdue to get those sheets finished! During a few days of crafting different DT projects with different themes/seasons, I got repetitive with using light blue, white, and silver as the color palette. This is the first one to share with more to be shown during the next 2 weeks. It was refreshing for me in the midst of doing lots of greens and reds on Christmas cards! 


Card #2

[1 silver heart shape + New Year's Day]

Unbelievably this card was made in about 35 minutes! Courtesy of a 2020 pocket calendar that I've upcycled 3 pieces from helped with the quick processing. The checked/plaid cardstocks and paper were inked, adhered and outlined at the same time. The silver glitter accents were applied next. Then the calendar pieces and project life Sunday strip were inked and adhered at the same time. Last was to take some thin blue tonal plaid scraps with inked edges and staple in the upper right corner. 


<3  **  <3  **  <3

Now it's your turn to take your heart and hands on a treasure quest through your stash boxes and find items. Rules have changed slightly so please read carefully the blog sidebar and/or the theme information at the top of the post to make sure the full theme required elements are included. Bragging rights badge has also been changed and it is shown on the sidebar. 

Use the Inlinkz tool address to submit your 1-3 new themed projects=




With happy hearts, 

Willa Jean and Becca

Heart's Quest Challenge Blog 

HQCB Theme #20 Top Pick or Best Arrow

 Heartfelt Greetings from Heart's Quest Challenge Blog!

Best Arrow Pick

Theme #20 stopped at 12:30 am CT/Chicago on December 27, 2022.

There was 1 entry. Congratulations to Cheryl Even for being the Best Arrow!

Entry #1 = Cheryl Even

Even More Scrapping blog

Theme #20 (or Love Theme #10) required Love + Home. Cheryl included some interior home pictures from a previous Christmas along with the die-cut of a house. Her journaling and title "love this" fit the other part of the theme. Excellent!


Next challenge, Theme #21, will be released in about 7 minutes.

Make sure to look for the post on December 28, 2022. 

Deadline will be January 13, 2023 at 12:30am CT. 

--Becca S

Monday, December 19, 2022

HQCB Love Theme #10 or Theme #20 with love and home REMINDER post

 Heartfelt Greetings to Heart's Quest Challenge Blog's Reminder post for Love Theme #10!

The midway point of competition that started December 14 has come and deadline is 12:30am CST/Chicago or 6:30am UK December 27, 2022. 

Love Theme #10 (Theme #20) requires the use of love (beloved, loves, loving, amore, charity, agape, in a phrase, song lyric, poem, etc.)


house/cabin/etc. image (can be interior or exterior)

Acceptable formats vary from cards, ATCs, tags, bookmarks, spreads for journals/calendars/planners/TNS, and scrapbook layouts.

Reminder design inspiration is provided by owner Becca S=

5.25" x 7.25" greeting card about sending mail/happy mail from one home to another. 

*love letter stamped and *sending my love stamped for half of theme requirements

*the word 'home' on the tag ephemera and *the 'painting' home scene tag ephemera for the other half of theme requirements


Link to the main launch post from December 14th=


Deadline is 12:30am CST/Chicago or 6:30am UK on December 28, 2022.

We would love to see your submissions (up to 3) linked to Heart's Quest!

**DT Call= Heart's Quest could use 1-2 new design team members starting for Theme #22 on January 14, 2023. If interested please send an email with short craft and blogging profile to= heartsquestbybecca@gmail.com

-from HQCB's DT and owner, Becca S

Merry Christmas 2022 and Happy New Year 2023!

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

HQCB Love Theme #10 or theme #20 with Love and Home starts 14 December 2022

Heartfelt Greetings to Heart's Quest Challenge Blog!

Love Theme #10 (theme #20) requires:

*the use of the word 'love' (or a verb form; another language equivalent)


*at least 1 image of a house/cabin

(I'll accept interior and exterior photos for layouts; have you done a historical house tour? are you scrapping your home's holiday decorations? images of homes, cabins, cottages, etc. You know how to do this. Include the word 'love' somehow...beloved, lovers, loved, loves, loving, agape, charity, amore...in phrasing, quotes, song lyrics, etc.)

Competition runs from December 14-27, 2022 with start and end date times both at 12:30am CT/Chicago or 6:30am UK as your 2 time references.

Show me wintery holiday home scenes or it could be scrapbook layouts from spring, summer, or autumn seasons! Acceptable formats are listed in the rules which can be found on the blog's main page in the sidebar. 


Design Inspiration

from DT Willa Jean=

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bandwjc/; also active in The Soul Scrappers group

This is delightful!!! Willa Jean and her husband travelled out in western USA and snapped from a distance some wagons and yurts that folks can stay in. What a different idea for temporary/travel housing accommodations!! Look at the details of her layout! Spectacular!!

---------------------from DT Lori S=------------------

Perfect patterned paper and die-cut for the Christmas season and HQCB theme! Such a charming card! Would also work for new home congratulations! The sentiment strip below the house die-cut has the word 'love' and Lori's also included some little red hearts. This is a wonderful interpretation of the theme!

Lori's blog link=



from HQCB owner Becca S

Love and homes printed in mint green on 2 clear plastic overlays with red paper behind for a Christmas card=

make sure to click on the card and get a closeup to see the 'love' print 2nd overlay/underlay; the house print overlay is the topmost layer and just like that the theme requirements were met through using these overlays together! 


Now it's your turn to go on a stash quest through your treasures! Which format do you want to use? What occasion? Season? Colors? What kind of home architecture will you show? Sentiment--How will you use the word 'love'? ETC.

Make sure to submit your 1-3 new themed projects before the early hours of December 27, 2022!

Use the Inlinkz tool address for your submission(s):




With a happy heart to be crafting in our homes and wishes that our readers are doing the same--Merry Christmas 2022 and Happy New Year 2023!!!

--HQCB owner Becca S and DT members Willa Jean and Lori


**In 2023, theme challenges will be changing a bit; also numbering/naming.

This theme is Heart's Quest #20. 

The next theme release on December 28, 2022 will be Theme #21. And yes, we will continue offering challenges through the holiday season and into 2023!!!

Please join us when you find some time to craft and blog!

HQCB Color Theme #10 (or theme #20) Top Pick Announcement

 HAPPY heart for 1 sole participant in HQCB's Color Theme #10.

Heart's Quest challenge blog's Theme #10 ended about 18 hours ago! The color duo was green and white, so participants were asked to have at least 1 green heart shape and at least 1 white heart shape included in their project. 

The Color Theme Pursuit Achiever is Brandi Jo. 

She created a marvelous 'Santa Paws' layout with red, white, and green little heart accents=

Thanks so very much Brandi Jo for taking time to do your stash quest, scrap a wonderful story from last Christmas, and get it shared at HQCB!!!

We appreciate your support!


<3  **  <3  **  <3

Heartfelt Greetings! Love Theme #10 (or theme #21) will be released in just under 8 hours. 

12:30am CST/Chicago on December 14 to the same time on December 27, 2022

Love Theme #10 combines love AND home/cabin/apartment


On behalf of the HQCB DT and owner

please join us for our upcoming December 14-27, 2022 challenge

Monday, December 5, 2022

HQCB Reminder Color Heart #10 Theme ends 13 December 2022

 Heartfelt Greetings!

The midway reminder point has come for Color Heart #10 Theme competition! 

It was launched on November 28 and ends on December 13, 2022 at 12:30am CT/standard/Chicago or 6:30am UK. Adjust to wherever you are in the world. 

Color Heart #10 requires 2 elements:

*at least 1 green heart


*at least 1 white heart

For design inspiration, my thoughts have been sparked by another challenge blog that has had a recent green and pink Christmas theme and then making it a thinking of you/care card for a 3rd cousin diagnosed with color cancer recently. She's four years younger than me!  My heart just broke over that. She's on my mom's father's side. On my dad's mother's side, in the extended family we lost 2 guys to colon cancer at 46 and 50 years old this year. This has just been heart-wrenching.

To cheer up my cousin:

Mixed Media Contemporary vibe

 Some design notes:

a. top fold notecard white base = The Paper Studio

b. art focal is on white satin sheen specialty paper (also most of the hearts) with green and pink acrylic paints; cotton balls were used to apply the green paint in circular motions and it was cross-hatched using a twin-line dental floss pick! Yes! I dragged the floss through! Dabs of pink acrylic paint were applied around the edges with the dental floss being dragged through each of those. Then a center pink paint heart was added. 

c. the green glitter foam heart was made from an ornament foam sticker shape! = The Paper Studio


a bonus Christmas tag with green and white buffalo plaid cardstock base, a painted stenciled green hearts on white scrap paper, a white heart traced and cut from white cardstock and a few embellishments=

Heart's Quest Challenge Blog's Color Heart #10 main/launch post link=



<3  **  <3  **  <3  **  <3

With a happy heart, 

HQCB owner Becca S and DT members Lori S and Willa Jean

Merry Christmas 2022 and Happy New Year 2023!!!


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