Sunday, November 27, 2022

HQCB Color Heart Theme #10 duo of green and white starts 28 November 2022

 Heartfelt Greetings! 

Welcome to Heart's Quest Challenge Blog Color Heart #10 competition!

Thanksgiving is just past being celebrated in the USA and soon it will be Christmas and New Year's 2023!! Unbelievable where time has seemed to fly!

This blog was launched on February 28, 2022 and now have reached the 20th competition or the 10th for Color Heart theme.

This fortnight, the required color duo of hearts are:

*green (any tone or shade)


*white (ivory is acceptable).

Your project must have at least 1 heart shape of EACH color (green and white). You may add other heart colors but there has to be 1 green heart and 1 white heart. 

Acceptable formats include: cards, ATCs, bookmarks, tags, TN/planner/journal spreads, and any larger size/format of scrapbook layouts. So there is lots of creative possibilities

November 28-December 13, 2022 with start date and end date times of 12:30 am Central/Standard time (Chicago) which is also 6:30am UK. 


Awesome Color Heart #10 Design Inspiration:

DT member Willa Jean=

Muted olive greens and white hearts accent Willa Jean's layout to fulfill the Color Heart #10 required duo. I haven't traveled out to Virginia to find all the thousands of 'love' art installations/sculptures, but I've been enjoying seeing scrappers like Willa Jean document them! Her layout sketch makes use of lots of scraps to add patterns and colors yet still letting the photo be the featured element. Terrific! --Becca


DT member Lori S=

Lori's cards are always adorable and this one is ready for a festive Christmas! She's added some red to the deep dark pine green, mossy green, brown and white hues of her card. The trio of hearts makes perfect little accents next to the cozy outfitted squirrels and fulfill the Color Heart #10 duo requirement. Too precious! --Becca


Owner Becca S=

I decided to go with a very feminine and religious Christmas card with lots of mint green hearts and 1 white satin sheen heart (plus a plaid heart). Look closely at the plastic overlay that is printed with lots of mint green hearts that is backed with lime green cardstock and a 2nd backing of pink cardstock. I added a felt heart in mint green and a plastic cling mint green heart over the 1 white satin sheen heart. Just had to use this panel from the overlay sheet that I've had for about 4 years!!!--Becca 


For your participation: use the Inlinkz tool address to submit your entry (entries). Yes, each participant can enter 3 new themed projects per challenge. 



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With happy hearts, 

Heart's Quest Challenge Blog design team duo and owner

HQCB Love Theme #9 Top Pick for November 14-27, 2022

 Congratulations to the Top Pick of Heart's Quest

Love Theme #9 Challenge that featured 'love' and candy! 

HQCB's Love Theme #9 ended at 12:30am CT/Chicago or 6:30am UK on Sunday November 27, 2022.


The Top Pick is=

Granmargaret/Margaret A.

Her project shows how to combine the 2 requirements with Christmas holiday elements! Her expression "With Love at Christmas" completes the 'love' requirement half of the theme and all the candy canes complete the 2nd half of requirements.

It didn't have to be Christmas but that's what many of us crafters are currently focused on getting made as November 2022 is coming to a close!

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With a happy heart,

HQCB blog owner, Becca S

Note: Please check back after 12:30am CT/Chicago and 6:30am UK on Monday November 28, 2022 as Heart's Quest Color Heart Theme #10 gets launched. 

Saturday, November 19, 2022

HQCB Reminder Love Theme #9 love and candy challenge ends 27 November 2022

 Heartfelt Greetings to the midway reminder posting for Heart's Quest!

Love Theme #9 requires:

*the word 'love' (some form or language equivalent; can be in a phrase, quote, etc.)


*at least 1 image of candy

Competition started November 14 and ends on November 27th at 12:30am CT/Chicago or 6:30am UK for 2 time references. Adjust accordingly to wherever you are. 


<3 Design Inspiration from HQCB owner Becca S=

a Christmas-y tag

theme requirements met by: (1) a red stenciled ink heart with a handwritten 'love u' and a 'l()ve' stamp used in red ink 5 times across the tag base; and (2) glitter and foam peppermint disc stickers for the candy portion of the theme.

for more inspiration (DT members Willa Jean, Lori, and I have projects) use the next link to take you to the main launch post from November 14th. Within that posting towards the end will be the Inlinkz tool address for you to become a participant. 



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With a happy heart, 

Becca S, owner of HQCB

Sunday, November 13, 2022

HQCB Love Theme #9 about love and candy starts 14 November 2022

 Heartfelt Greetings to HQCB's Love Theme #9!

The requirements are to include at least 1 usage of each:

*the word 'love' (can be beloved, loves, loving; in a phrase/quote; another language equivalent)



Competition dates are November 14-27, 2022 and the start and end times are both 12:30am CT/Chicago or 6:30am UK. 

Acceptable formats include any kind of cards including ATCs, bookmarks, tags, planner/calendar/TN/journal spreads, and any size or format for larger scrapbook layouts.


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from DT member Willa Jean=

Willa's used a candy cane to accent her adorable animal stuffed stockings print paper!!! Too sweet! And her sentiment is perfect to incorporate the word 'love'. Great!


from DT member Lori S=

Doesn't the blue make Lori's card unexpected and contemporary?!!!! Too cute! I love the wording for her sentiment that includes half of the theme requirement (love). The other half of the theme are all those candy canes. What a cheery Christmas card!


from owner Becca S=

Theme requirements are found in 2 peppermint candies and a gold text label 'love you'.


Now it's your turn to go on a stash quest to find ways to combine love + candy for a card, tag, layout, art journal page, etc. 

Use the Inlinkz tool address to submit your entry/entries of 1-3 new themed projects before the November 27th deadline:



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With happy hearts, 

Heart's Quest Design Team duo and owner

HQCB Color Heart #9 Top 3 Picks

 Hello! HQCB's Color Heart #9 using the color duo of orange and purple heart shapes ended early on Sunday, November 13, 2022. 

There were 3 early entries by 2 craft artisans that wonderfully demonstrated how to incorporate the theme into seasonal projects! Congrats to Brandi and Deanne!!!

Bragging rights badge to post on your personal spaces:

Here's some small peeks at their terrific entries:

Halloween card by Deanne (above)


2 two page spread layouts by Brandi (below)

Thanks, gals, for supporting our efforts at Heart's Quest Challenge Blog!


The new Love Theme #9 will be published in about 9.5 hours from now! 

Be sure to look for that post.


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With happy and hopeful heart,

Becca S, owner of HQCB

Saturday, November 5, 2022

HQCB REMINDER Color Heart #9 theme ends on 13 November 2022

 Hello! It's the midway point reminder post for Heart's Quest's Color Heart #9 theme!

The theme requirements are:

*at least 1 orange heart shape


*at least 1 purple heart shape

This could be a seasonal pairing however you can craft your project for any occasion!

Deadline to participate is November 13, 2022 at 12:30am CT/Chicago.


Design inspiration for the reminder post

 Becca S, HQCB owner=

 Celebrate--Wishing you well slimline card

I followed this Sketch #4 from 13 September 2020 Weekly Sketch Round-Up blog post by Creative Memories=


LINK to take you back to the main post in order to see the DT's projects shared on October 28th and will also give you access to the Inlinkz tool address to submit your entries=


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With happy creative hearts,

the HQCB Design Team and the owner, Becca S

HQCB #54 Make Your Own Combo Theme starts 14 May 2024

Heartfelt Greetings to HQCB  #54 Make Your Combo  Theme Main Post Heart's Quest Challenge Blog #54 theme badge is shown below: Theme #54...